Fail-safe Make-10X-Happen blueprints

These are Short-Span (1-8 weeks) but highly intense engagements where we work with you to design detailed & executable blueprint for a functional or enterprise-level agenda. We work with you hand-in-hand to develop a micro-level gameplan, where nothing is left to chance of imagination. These blueprints typically include

Problem & agenda definition

Through detailed interaction and diagnostics, we firm-up the targets areas of building strengths and capabilities.

Project plan

A detailed road-map with daily/weekly activities of what, why and who?

Functional Specs & SOPs

Step by step specifications, layouts, process definition, forms, data flows and other details for implementation

Organization plan

Revised organization structure, change in roles & responsibilities, succession plans

Digital tools & platforms

Software platforms to implement & upgrades, feature specifications, vendor selection & evaluation

Financial plan

Targets, margins, expenses, working capital needs, financial structuring and operating ratios

Key make-10x-happen blueprints

Each 10X blueprint is custom-configured for our clients, based on detailed diagnostics and their identified time-critical agenda. Here is a sample list of enterprise agenda around which we develop 10X blueprints

Strategic Digitization Blueprint

Digitization is no longer a strategic enabler. It is driving strategies and business models. IN the new world-order a company cannot think of surviving (leave along succeeding), without digitization. We work on a combination of the following themes:

In the new world order, customers are expected to hold onto their cash. So enterprises will need a much more powerful sales engine for multiplying sales funnel AND better & profitable business. We help create a blueprint for building a high-growth and profitable sales, even in a hyper-competitive economy.

10X Sales Blueprint

Entrepreneurial Leadership Blueprint

For any enterprise, new business models, competitors, technologies, online digitization, product-lines are widening and deepening the pool of challenges & opportunities. We help create a blueprint to develop a highly agile, responsive, and entrepreneurial organization.

An existing customer is a much bigger asset than a high-potential lead. Our 10X Customer Blueprint, helps you to multiply long-term customer value, It includes:

Customer Value Blueprint

Cash & Capital Blueprint

Cash is a scarce commodity in uncertain & insecure times. Protect your liquid assets while achieving sustained growth and maintaining a robust business. Be ready with monies to leverage big opportunities.