Rajan Gupta

Chief Make-it-Happen Coach- Rajan Gupta

Rajan is a serial entrepreneur & investor, and globally renowned coach having helped thousands of enterprises and individuals for success. Rajan is Chief Practitioner of Make-it-Happen movement, dedicated to helping companies to become top 10% winners. Rajan travels extensively to speak to professionals across the world to inspire them to put their 10X effort to achieve success. He has been an advisor to many enterprises to help them with their strategy to survive and thrive in a hyper-competitive world.

Companies Rajan has worked with

Standard Chartered Citibank American Express Escort Max NIIT Eastman

RG Quotes

Success Comes to those who are working for it, and not searching for it

While Destiny Sets the Rules of the Game, your free-will decides how much you score

True Sales is When You are not Selling, but Customer is Buying

A winning professional is not working for a business, but he is a business

In the new world-order, you cannot just hang in there. You are either successful or a failure.

360 Degree Make-it-Happen Engine

We work with enterprises on critical 'Make-or-Break' transformations. Make-it-Happen practice is industry-leading for its holisitc take on your success formula. 10X achievements happen when you ensure excellence across strategy, people, processes, governance, finance and technology. Our MiH-Framework deployes a vast-range of best practices and techniques customized to your own context. Every organization is different and you need to have your own cook-book. Our deep multi-domain and multi-domain expertise, we bring in the right mix of skills for your success

Our Specialist Partners

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