Core mantra behind sales and business- It is all about people. 'High Skill and High Will leader' is more powerful than all the tools, best practices, and frameworks. A committed and die-hard passionate performer is a bigger strength than all other resources. This is a 6 to 12-month engagement, where we do one-on-one and team coaching to transform the performance and leadership capabilities of sales managers at all levels.

Starting with Individual-level assessment, we make the development road-map and work with employees to make them superstars. Here are the key development and transformational areas we work on:

10X Growth Mindset & Energy

A leader has to have high aspirations, passion, and energy to grow his organization into greatness. 10X growth is not only about size. It is about profitability, Value, Customer Satisfaction, Quality, and brand. 

  • Having high Conviction and Confidence to Achieve 10X Growth
  • Programs one's Mind, Body, Emotions, and Energies into 10X Goals
  • Aligns his/her reason for existence for Sales and Customer
  • Ready to put massive effort and Discipline to achieve results
  • Building 10X Culture within the Organization

Entrepreneurial and Accountable Leader

A leader must perform with a solid business and financial mind-set. Understanding business drivers, revenue, costs, customer needs, competition, business threats, and opportunities.

  • Goals and actions contributing to organizational priorities
  • Understanding of market, competition and its link to Business
  • Ability to connect the big picture and the details
  • Value Company’s Money as your own Money
  • Conscious of financial success factors

360 Degree Focus on Sales and Customer

Irrespective of his function, a true leader will be shaping his work & existence to ensure that their company has maximum sales and highly satisfied customers. Most of their actions will be geared to support revenue and profitability.

  • Functional priorities aligned to sales priorities
  • Building a strong relationship with customers
  • Enterprise priorities aligned to customer needs
  • Anticipate customer needs and prepare for them
  • Work towards the success of the customer

Fostering and Driving Innovation

A make-it-happen leader embodies change and creativity. He not only thinks out of the box but has determination and persistence to convert his thoughts into action & results

  • Questioning the status quo and comfort zones
  • Seeking and Educating on best practices
  • Thinking outside the box and how to be creative
  • Taking Risks and Openness to experiment
  • Developing innovation as a culture

Agility & Flexibility

An Agile leader will be committed to the cause, and not how to achieve the objective. He will have the openness and ability to fine-tune or even transform tactical and strategic moves, based on new inputs.

  • Establish Flexible and Agile Capabilities
  • Embrace ambiguities and uncertainties
  • Always ready for back-up plans
  • Objectivity & openness to accept new ideas
  • Quick adaptability in new circumstances

Developing High-Performance Teams

Success is all about people. A make-it-happen leader ensures close coordination and integration of all moving parts of an enterprise. He ensures that he and his team are far more powerful compared to the sum of individual players.

  • To be a role model and build moral authority
  • Developing a culture of team-work
  • Aligning enterprise on sales, customer, and shareholders
  • Coaching and mentoring others
  • Develops processes for effective communication & co-ordination