These are 3-12 month engagements, where we stand and work with you for end-to-end design and implementation of specific super-critical areas, which can unleash your success. Most organizations have 3 to 5 areas of challenges/opportunities, which if addressed can propel them for 10X journey. We make it happen for them.

After detailed diagnostics of your 10X ambitions, and your current state, we work on detailed 'Blueprints of Success' on specific areas (no need to fix what is working). Based on the readiness of organization to implement the same on their own, we take-up end to end implementation engagements as well. These engagements are a highly intense and results-oriented. We work with highest level of sponsorship from the Top management (and company board, if need be), to ensure success in these 'make or break areas'. 'Make-it-Happen' Engagements include the following:

Micro-Level Project Plan and Governance

The 'Blueprint for Success' is converted into a micro plan which will include the following:

  • Project plan with Daily/Weekly targets
  • Financials
  • Project Execution and Tracking Mechanism
  • Communication and Review Structure
  • Project Team Structure

Engaging and Re-Orienting People

Bringing all stakeholders and Participants on a common page with 100% commitment to the cause comes before anything else.This is done by ensuring that everyone knows about what difference it will make to the enterprise and what difference it will make to the career, satisfaction and rewards to the employees.

Based-on the level of difficult and resistance to change within the enterprise, we use dozens of different techniques to build highly motivated teams, who are committed to make the project a success. This includes one on one coaching, developing a rewards & recognition system, on-going motivational communications, linking the success of project with career progression and raises, demonstrating top management committment, and making the project success as a high priority item on employee goal-sheet.

Establish Transformation War-Room

We work on super-critical projects, which have to be executed flawlessly and quickly. Therefore in most cases, we establish a war-room of select individuals who are committed 100% to the cause. A War-room is a well-equipped capabilities where the whole project is monitored and driven. It has highly capable individuals, reporting and tracking systems, communications capabilities, escalation and review processes and is highly empowered. Sales Transformation War-Room ensures energy, persistance and discipline, lack of which is the biggest factor in making it happen.

Multi-Phase Implementation

In most cases, we advise our clients to implement any project in multiple phase. For example if there are 12 techniques to implemented for 200% Sales Effort and Efficiency, we break them down into quartely 'Mini-Projects', so that people can absorb better and do not get distracted from their day to day sales. Essentially we work on upgrading sales engine while car is running at high-speed. Therefore, small-size but quick changes are a better option.

Persistance and Discipline till Success

Any change is easier to implement, more difficult to be successful and most difficult to become an enterprise habit. The success of our 10X Sales & Growth 'Make it Happen' engagements, is based on three principles:

  • A project is over when A Change becomes part of an enterprise DNA
  • Every Day has to be seen as a test of success. Early positiive signs does not mean that success is assured.
  • Work with passion, but without emotions. Which means applying full energy and commitment irrespective of good-days or bad-days

Measure Success with Numbers

Before the beginning of the project, we firm-up the success-criteria in terms of numbers like Sales Figures, Contribution per sales employee, Lead Conversion Rate, Lead-Closure Speed and Sales Profitability. The success of the project s measured on these numbeers broken down in periods (like months), locations, Products or any other dimension. A quantified success is the only success.