Agenda #1- '2X+ in 1' Diagnostics

We map your current business model, and conduct a comprehensive diagnostics across all nuts & bolts which make-up your enterprise-engine.

Diagnostics across 200+ parameters for a holistic and deep clarity
Razor-sharp identification of all possible opportunities to boost enterprise performance
Enterprise on a common page on what is going good and what can be done better.
Firming-up Top-10 Projects for fail-safe doubling of your profits in 1 year

Agenda #2- Developing '2X+ in 1 Blueprint'

Convert Top-10 projects identified in Diagnostics Phase, into a detailed blueprint of What, How and When?

A Sample list of '2X+ in 1' Projects

2X-3X Sales Productivity

Multiply per sales person contribution

2X-4X Channel Network

Exponentially increase customer reach

3X-7X Leads Funnel

Develop wide and deep sales pipeline

2X-3X Repeat Sales

Become supplier of choice for your customers

3X-4X Customer Referrals

Convert customers into ambassadors

5X-10X Digital Sales

Go online aggressively to build low-cost revenue

30% Expense Reduction

Run a lean & mean organization

15-20% Margin Boost

Build a sustainable and money-making business

2X Product launches

Drive fast innovation to succeed and survive

2X-3X Channel output

Get more from your existing partners

Develop comprehensive blueprint within a day using 'Pick & Choose'

A Comprehensive Research-Based Knowledgebase

Agenda #3- Converting Top-1o Blueprint into Numbers and Dates

After diagnostics and Top-10 Blueprint, we get done to Audience Sign-off and agreement on Numbers. The end criteria is a collective commitment and ownership to how 2X+ in 1 blueprint will translate into financial performance in terms of profits at the end of 12 months.

Business Upside from each project
2X+ in 1 Project Plan
2X+ in 1 Governance
2X+ in 1 Financial Plan