These are Short-Span (1-8 weeks) but highly intense engagements where we work with you to design detailed & executable blueprint for a functional or enterprise-level agenda. Make-it-happen blueprint assignments follow a systematic 6-step process:

  • Goal Definition/Problem Statement
  • Diagnostics and Fact-Finding
  • Devising top 5-7 high-impact themes
  • Converting critical themes into specific projects
  • Weaving solutions into MiH blueprint
  • Getting all stakeholders aligned and committed
Here is the list of our popular Make-it-Happen blueprint engagements

Enterprise Level Strategy Blueprint

Every organization has a game-plan. We help you to redefine your strategy to make it more clear, simplified, execution-friendly, scalable, and robust. The blueprint is developed from the foundation-up.

  • Goal-Setting of where you want to reach. Your vision, mission, your 10X targets over the next 3 to 5 years. This is done with a realistic but high aggressive view of the current state of enterprise Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and threats
  • Business Model- We evolve a holistic business model to come-out one or more combinations of products & value-propositions, channel-Mix, Customer Segments, Positioning, Location/footprint mix, delivery, and fulfillment models, cost-pricing-profitability and key projects.
  • Strategy and Business Plan- Business model is converted into detailed strategy What, When, How and who matrix, along with risk-response and back-up plans.
  • Execution Blueprint- The Business plan is converted into monthly targets for each role, detailed project plans, policies and procedures and much more

Strategic Digitization Blueprint

Digitization is no longer a strategic enabler. It is driving strategies and business models. IN the new world-order a company cannot think of surviving (leave along succeeding), without digitization. We work on a combination of the following themes:

  • Sales Automation & Digital Marketing
  • Customer Service & Fulfillment
  • E-commerce & online supermarket
  • Operational Automation
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Collaboration and Networking
  • Information Management
  • Customer Engagement and Community

10X Sales Blueprint

In the new world order, customers are expected to hold onto their cash. So enterprises will need a much more powerful sales engine for multiplying sales funnel AND better & profitable business. We help create a blueprint for you to work on the following sales-transformation agenda to build a high-growth and profitable sales, even in a hyper-competitive economy.

  • Higher Teeth to Tail Ratio
  • Online Sales & Distribution Ecosystem
  • Customer Relationship & Value
  • Sales Productivity
  • Multi-Channel Approach
  • Internal Sales Automation
  • Lean & Battle-Ready Sales Organization
  • Cross-Functional Sales Ownership

Entrepreneurial Leadership Blueprint

We are going through an exponentially increasing rate of Churn, in the economic and business environment, across all geographies and sectors. New business models, competitors, technologies, online digitization, product-lines are widening and deepening the pool of challenges & opportunities. We help create a blueprint on the following transformation agenda, to develop your enterprise into a highly agile, responsive, and entrepreneurial organization.

  • Develop Entrepreneurial leadership skills
  • Building a lean & mean organization structure
  • Agile and Flexible organization
  • Intense Performance Management
  • Collective & Co-owner Enterprise Performance
  • Developing Enterprising culture at all levels

Customer Value Blueprint

Most companies are tragically losing the huge potential of existing customers. A customer who has bought from you can be a 10 times bigger asset than a high-potential new customer, who still has to buy from you. This is because a happy and engaged customer will keep on buying from you and keep on giving 'high-conversion' references- thereby multiplying your topline and reducing your sales expenses. Our 10X Customer Blueprint, helps you to multiply long-term customer value, It includes:

  • Customer- Relationship Platform to make Customer-Connect a Disciplined Process
  • Customer Renewals and Repeat Sales to make a customer buy the same product again and again
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell to Customers to increase your share of Customer Wallet
  • 10 High-Quality References from a satisfied customer
  • Building Customer Community to build brand and Sense of Belonging
  • How to make a customer your Ambassador

Cash & Capital Management Blueprint

Cash is a scarce commodity in uncertain & insecure times. Protect your liquid assets while achieving sustained growth and maintaining a robust business. Be ready with monies to leverage big opportunities.

  • Cash & carry sales
  • tighter credit policies
  • Strong receivables management
  • Longer vendor payment terms
  • Capping working-capital spending
  • Tightening cash-spending norms
  • Cash-based accounting