Workshop Host- Rajan Gupta

Rajan is B.Tech and M.B.A from IIM, Calcutta, with 30+ years of industry experience. After having worked for nearly two decades in senior roles with fortune 500 companies including American Express, Stanchart and Citibank, Rajan started his own practice in Sales & Customer Excellence. Since 2009, Rajan has helped transform 100+ enterprises and has coached 5000+ professionals. As part of his '10X Sales' mission, Rajan conducts free workshops, facilitates an exclusive CEO/CxO network, and maintains online e-learning & social media platform for sales professionals.

Agenda #1- What are 10X Sales Ecosystems and why they are 'urgent & important'?

Sales Ecosystems will transform the Traditional Sales Force Models, just like E-commence has transformed traditional retail. Understand why enterprises have no option but to significantly upgrade their sales engines, if they have to operate in a highly competitive and disruptive environment

High Scalaility with low person dependence
Exponential growth in good quality business
Lesser expenses with higher profitability
Better resilience, agility & flexibility

Agenda #2- What are top-10 fast-exploding 'Sales Ecosystems' Models?

Understand how companies have achieve unprecedented success, by adopting the future-ready sales architecture.


Get Customers to ask for your products


Reach maximum customer faster


Multiply sales funnel and conversions​

Customer Portal

Give Amazon like customer experience


Build master sales-warriors

Channel Network

Multiply channel peerformance

Loyalty networks

Auto-generated demand


Lock-in and expand quality customers


Free-fall in sales expenses


A deep relationship with end-consumer

Understand the success-strategies through case-studies

Get deeper insights into how companies are building 10X sales ecosystems, through 10+ real-life success-stories

Agenda #3- How can you undertake quick-hit transformations over 3-6-12 months?

As you go through various 10X Sales building blocks, we will encourage you to pick & choose items which make perfect sense for your business. We will share appropriate strategies, cautions and tips to make it happen for you.

90-Day Benefit
6 razor-sharp
Core digital
engines Strategy
Change Management beyond IT
Getting best out
digital platforms
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