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10X SPEAR Framework

Our Make-it-Happen practice has helped 100+ companies to multiply their sales & profitability, with the most comprehensive and fail-safe Framework. Our five-dimensional, holistic approach works on every aspect of boosting your sales & margins.

10X Strategic Strength

Fail-Safe Business Model

Develop enterprise game-plan that supports value creation, is implementable, and assures results.

Cash-flow & Profitability

Boost high-margin business. Invest in future, while running a tight ship. Ensure a fast cash-flow with reserves to encash opportunities and mitigate threats .

Competitive Products

Develop products which pull-in customers, enable higher margins, reduce sales efforts and retain customers.

Maximum Sales Productivity

Ensure 110% sales discipline, effort and consistency. Equip salesforce with smart tools, selling-skills and winning mind-set

Entrepreneurial Organization

Building enduring culture and enterprise with 100% committed to building sales & margins.

Fail-Safe Sales Plan & Performance

Develop high-confidence sales plans including demand, financials, delivery & capabilities. Deliver no-compromise performance.

Robust Sales Talent & Structure

Hire, develop and retain best & brightest sales employees. Establish a robust and ‘frontline-focused’ organization

Optimum Sales Compensation

Structure salary & incentive programs to have the maximum sales performance and consistent results, with minimum expense.

10X Performing

10X Sales Ecosystem

High-Growth Network & Channels

Transform your sales channels into large-scale force multipliers. Diversify channels to reach maximum customers.

Digital Sales & Marketing Ecosystem

Connect with your customers and channels through automated platforms for highly efficient & scalable growth.

Deep Customer Relationship Value

Maximize repeat sales and customer references, through world-class engagement, for maximum customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Least Risk Credit & Collections

Minimize risk, with smart credit policies. Establish robust collections operations for onetime payments and minimum defaults.

10X Sales

Why 10X Sales Framework

Holistic & Comprehensive

Our 12 building blocks ensures that you work on every possible aspect of sales excellence.

Designed for 10X Growth

1000% sales scale-up is possible. We make you believe in it and help you to achieve it

Practical & Executable

We know what works on ground. You will succeed in imperfect & uncertain environment

Proven Results in 3-6 Months

We guarantee visible success in a short time with your current resources & Capabilities

Scalable Sales Ecosystems

Become person-independent. We help build high-growth platforms for long-term success.

Agility & Flexibility

Change is the new constant. We help you respond quickly to challenges & opportunities