You are a company looking for a strong, growth-oriented, and sustainable business. Our Sales & Distribution Strategy formation approach is based on 'outside-in' thinking. We work on developing a fail-safe success blueprint for you by aligning Ground-Realities and your Aspirations. With 9 out of 10 Organization failing to build sustainable and profitable sales growth, we not only create a game-plan which works with you but also addresses risks of disruptions and setbacks.

Setting-up Vision & Mission with Business Goals is the first step, where you define 'What you want to do?' and 'What you want to achieve?'. We bring out insights on if you are looking to maximize your top line or bottom line or follow a middle-path? What kind of Brand you want to develop?, How much you want to grow?

Business Model is all about how you are going to achieve your goals. Once you have set-up a stake in the ground with your Business Goals, we work on building-up the Business Model (or Strategy), which will define the Customer-Segments, Products, Value-Propositions, Channels, Locations, Manpower, Lines of Businesses, sources of revenue, Fulfillment and Delivery Modes, Key Project & Activities and Strategic Partnerships. The Business Model is based on your SWOT Analysis, Current-State of your Business and Market & Competition Scan

We work with your teams to collate extensive data, identify patterns, create and validate assumptions, define boundary conditions in terms of benchmarks and thresholds. We go through multiple cycles of scenario-building and test them against the boundary conditions and business goals, till we come up with a business model that addresses most considerations.

Before we get down to converting a strategy into a detailed business plan and blueprint, we ensure that your strategy will be able to withstand the expected and unexpected threats. This is achieved through proper 2-3 level back-up plans based on how vulnerability quotient of your business model and to what extent we have validated our assumptions. Apart from that, we create an event-response matrix, which prepares you to respond to any high probability event. On the flip side of it, we also develop organizational capacity to spend money and effort to leverage new opportunities.

Once a Robust and Flexible Strategy is built, we translate it into a Detailed business plan, with a break-down of numbers and activities to a Month/Week, location, product, channel, and employee level. We create a process whereby each and every employee and partner knows the expectations. A business plan also includes a technology plan, sales organization, and key Policies.