Leveraging your existing customers to maximize their value, is the most important business accelerator, which can take your enterprise highest levels of growth. At the same time, companies are failing to effectively monetize their customers, as it requires a transformative change in the way sales function is managed. We help you establish the end to end capabilities to get maximum value from customers.

With effective use of smart technology solutions, we help you to create customer contact and relationship capability, where every person in sales team keeps in touch with the customer, understand his needs and ensures his satisfaction. We train your staff to make the right balance between Relationship and Sales. A satisfied and loyal customer is a short-term as well as a long-term asset.The Customer Relationship Platform will include:

  • Existing Customer Analysis and Tagging
  • Customer Contact Standards and Benchmarks
  • Customer Meeting Record
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Needs Forecast
  • Building Customer Communities
  • Troubleshooting any customer issue with top priority

We help you achieve maximum renewal and repeat sales from your customers, by:

  • Training your staff
  • Provide them tools like renewal sales scripts and pro-active renewal calls reminders
  • Prepare your teams for all possible customer objections
  • Identifying customers who are at the risk of attrition
  • Running special 'renewal' campaigns

You can multiply additional revenue from your customers, by getting maximum Share of Wallet from them. This is made possible by:

  • Customer Analysis and Tagging on what products they can be sold
  • Training and Skilling staff on how to sell while making Relationship Calls
  • Marking Timings as per the customer life stage and need stage so to connect at the right time
  • Giving special packages and campaigns to existing customers

On an average, an enterprise should target at least 6 references from every satisfied customer. You can literally multiply your sales leads pipeline, with a low customer acquisition cost. A customer reference always has a a higher rate of conversion as it carries a credibility factor. We help you create a 'reference lead multiplication' capability:

  • Customer analysis, and marked customers for references
  • Including customer references based business as part of sales performance metrics
  • A tracking process to ensure that there is a proper attention provided to a customer reference
  • Providing special packages for referenced customers and referring customer