Digitization is no longer a strategic enabler. It is driving strategies and business models. It is opening up new possibilities for creating suppliers to customer value-chains, which were not possible a few years back. It is helping companies to achieve new levels of efficiencies and productivity. It is speeding-up the flow of information and processes while connecting all functions of an enterprise. It is establishing seamless integrations across customers, suppliers, employees, and channels. IN the new world-order a company cannot think of surviving (leave along succeeding), without a minimum level of digitization.

Our Make-it-Happen practice helps you develop a Digital Ecosystem to build leading-edge capabilities and competitiveness. We work in the following domains.

We provide inputs on how you can shape your business model using Digitization. This includes E-Commerce, Online Digital Channels including Affiliates, App-Based Business, Value-Proposition enhancements through digitization, Digitial Delivery & Fulfilment, Virtual Service Products, and much more. Our deep experience and research on the subject, can transform your strategy and help you create a more scalable and sustainable business model.

We deliver holistic Digital Marketing blueprint, which will include the following aspects of building a solid brand at minimum cost compared to other media channels.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Driven Marketing
  • Freemium Content Offerings
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Public Relations and News (PR)
  • Online Webinars
  • Online Collaboration and forums participation

While online brand-building & marketing has short-term and long-term impacts on your success, the End Objective of any investment in online digital word is to sell. Our digital sales strategy will include the following aspects:

  • Online Leads Creation through Website
  • E-Commerce hosted on your website
  • Selling through online B2C market places like Amazon
  • Selling through B2B market places like Alibaba
  • Selling through affiliates
  • Selling through service and product communities like Clickbank
  • Running Email/SMS Campaigns
  • Online advertising campaigns

Customer-facing digital sales & marketing is the first priority for an enterprise. At the same time, you need to have highly automated internal sales infrastructure to reduce the sales cost and multiply sales productivity. We help you digitize your sales processes, by inducting a mix of following sales automation capabilities:

  • Sales Funnel Management System
  • Field Sales Monitoring System
  • Multi-Channel Lead Sourcing System
  • Quotation/Proposal Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Sales Work-Flow Management
  • Sales Analytics and Reporting
  • Online WebChat Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Route-Trip Planning System
  • Sales Learning Management Solution
  • Customer Mobile App
  • Sales Organization Social Media/Messaging Layer
  • Sales Content Management Solution
  • Sales Scorecard and Performance Management
  • E-Commerce to Fulfillment Solution
  • Sales Logistics and Distribution Stock Management
  • Renewal and Collections Management
  • Online Customer Portal

To be successful in achieving a high growth Digital Business, your enterprise will need to 'think and act' Digital. Contrary to popular belief, Digital business is a long term game, and it requires patience and persistance. Enterprise who understand that Digital Business is where the future belongs to, work on reshaping their organizations with 'Digital Mindset'. We work with you for the cause. This includes:

  • Real-time response to the leads. In digital world, leads and enquiries have a shelf-life of few hours (if not few minutes)
  • Quick Proposals and Quotations- Your Proposals have to be first time right, as customer will not go through multiple rounds of discussuon of negotiations.
  • Online Inventory Management & Delivery- A customer coming through online channel, does not know you, and therefore its your service and timelines which is going to create your brand.
  • A sense of community- You will need to stay closely in touch with your Potential Customer. As you are not face to face with the customer, you need to make your presenc felt through Email, SMS, FB Messenger and online forums.
  • Patience and Persistance- Its a long-term game, so people need to have a committment and conviction to keep pushing.