In a hyper-competitive and low-demand world order, companies need to work aggressively to realign & expand their product-offerings, value-proposition & USPs. Your products not only have been meeting the customer demand and solve their problems but also among the top 10% in terms of their overall price-value equation. We help you upgrade your product development capabilities and to redefine product road-map for staying ahead of the game.

Every company needs a strong and innovative product development life-cycle capabilities for faster and better USPs. We help you establish end to end product excellence through product management process, conceptualization, designing, sampling/prototyping, testing, production-readiness, launching and branding & scaling.

We systematically help build a product widening strategy with the ultimate objective of creating a larger product portfolio to be able to cater to wider customer segments or to go deeper into existing segments. A smart & optimum product portfolio will help create greater pull, bigger sales pipeline, and larger sales footprint.

If your overall business-model supports it, we help develop a multi-brand strategy aligned to your current sales & promotion strengths. Adding more brands (or at least brand variants) will be able to cater to different price-points and occupy more 'shelf and Mind space'.

For increased sales and higher profitability, to become more aggressive & creative in building low-cost, high-margin add-ons/accessories/plug-ins. The model is designed to keep a low base price to attract and to gain customer's confidence. With the help of an add-on, you not only increase the share of wallets but increase the touch-points with the customers.

In the new world order, customers would be holding onto their cash. For sustained sales and quicker acquisition, we help a greater drive to launch subscription-based/renewal-license based/rental-based/Product-as-a-Service offerings. This reduces the customer's upfront investment & reduces his risk, gives sustained predictable revenue to the business.

You can provide a wide range of digital solutions for better value-propositions and differentiators to your customers. We help you design product & service features including instant updates, online panels for customers to monitor delivery, remote or self-help servicing and digital tools to help customers save his cost or increase sales. These solutions not only add a low-cost, high-margin value-propositions but also create exit barriers for your customers.