Sales Compensation and Commission Structures is one of the most unsolved riddles faced by an enterprise. While a well thought payout structure can propel your sales team to high performance, a wrong pay out structure not only negatively impact performance, but can also add significant expense and setup wrong precedents for future.

We help you structure your sales employee and channel compensation programs to have the highest impact with minimum expense. Our payout programs are aligned to short-term and long-term business objectives, while retaining critical sales talent & partners.

We help you to structure employees compensation program by picking & choosing from a wide-range of options, which are most suited to your context

  • Fixed salary vs. variable payouts
  • Topline-based vs. profitability vs. collections
  • monthly vs. quarterly vs annual
  • slab-based vs linear
  • Uniform vs. accelerated bonus
  • Business as usual vs. Campaign/contest schemes

Every company wants to retain its star sales performers. For that not only you need to have an effective Sales Compensation Structure, but also have bonuses and retention plans for consistent high performers. We work with you to devise long-term careers and compensation plans for select employees. These employees then drive the success of your company year after year.

Every Sales compensation plan needs to be looked at from all possible scenarios and ensure that broadly, the plan will be a win-win for employee and the company. We checkout the plans for best and worst-case scenario and how it will impact the company.

Every company needs to motivate its channels to sell more, and sell more profitable products. We help devise creative plans including:

  • Volume Discounts
  • Cash Discounts
  • Free Gifts
  • Credit Notes
  • Paid Trips and Vacations

It might be surprising but mostly true. Sales people (especially the ground troops), do not fully understand sales compensation & comission models. They need a continuous reinforcement of the same. A continued and intense communicate is critical whereby a Sales person should know at any point of time, on how much money he has made, how much he has to perform to achieve highest level of commissions.

Apart from that we work out the mechanics so that commissions are calculated and credit to a sales person, as soon as they are due. This solidifies the credibility of the company, where sales person does not have to chase his company for the monies he deserves.