Sales on Credit may help accelerate your sales, but it carries a high risk and blocks your cash especially when you are in a scale-up mode. We help you in optimizing your credit policies and ensuring a minimum risk to your receivables.

Its easier to sell on Credit, as customer does not have to pay immediately. It’s a challenge to reorient a sales organization, used to on-credit sales to move to 'Cash and Carry' Sales. We help you on a game-plan to maximize your cash & carry sales by using many techniques including:

  • Special Offers with Low-Cost Value Added Services for Cash Customers
  • Cash Payment Discounts
  • Designing sales compensations to encourage Cash Sales
  • Managing Inventory for Small Lot purchases
  • Sales Credit Policies are critical for on-credit sales companies. We help you to devise credit policies which bring an optimum balance between Risk and Sales. Sales Credit Policies will typically Include:

    • Boundary Conditions on % of sales on Credit
    • Credit Limits on Entities like Location, Channel Partner, Customer
    • Empowerment Matrix on who can take a decision till what level of credit
    • Credit Policy Updation process on Quarterly/Periodic basis
    • Exception and Deviation Management

    Based on the Credit Policy, we help you establish day to day operations of Credit management, including:

    • Credit Management System
    • Credit Reporting and Analysis
    • Credit Documentation
    • Sales Credit Performance Reviews

    We restructure your Collections process in a way that customers pay on time. This includes:

    • Pro-active reminders and calls
    • Identifying at-risk customers and puts a special focus on them
    • Encouraging customers to use early pay cash discount
    • Taking post dated cheques and direct debit authorizations

    We work on upgrading our past due collections to high intensity and focused effort. Past-Due collections have to be managed like a military discipline. At the same time the collection effort has to be well calibrated, so not spoil relationship with customers. This could include Daily Collection Report, Collection Trip plan, Daily Collections Work Management and Intelligent Collectibles Assignments