In the new world order, customers are expected to hold onto their cash. So enterprises will need a much more powerful sales engine for multiplying sales funnel AND better & profitable business. We help you to work on the following sales-transformation agenda to build a high-growth and profitable sales, even in the depressed demand.

There is a difference between being ambitious and thinking BIG, and having 3Cs (Conviction, Confidence and Commitment) that you can make it happen. Our Job is to bridge that gap. We work with every leader at all levels in all functions of the organization (not only sales) to:

  • Build energy and passion to go for big goals
  • Establish a conviction and confidence that 10X growth is possible and I have it in me to do it
  • Develop their leadership depth on various leadership competencies and behaviors
  • Become Action-Oriented and achieve no-compromise delivery
  • Have an entrepreneurial and ownership mindset

First and foremost need for any organization working on 10X agenda is to have every leader and individual to have a common understanding and commitment to the cause. Starting from troops on the front (sales), to supply lines (support functions) and command-centre (senior leadership), every individual, process and asset has to be aligned to the victory Objectives.

We help create 10X Sales and Growth Charter- Which defines enterprise 10X Agenda, and re-orient whole enterprise to this charter. It becomes a symbol and a ritual to every one in the organization. We establish ways so that it keeps on getting reinforced.

We do a Leadership Development Assessment for every key role/leader and create a Leadership Development plan, including Coaching and other tools. Some of the Leadership competencies on which managers are developed are:

  • Driving results and performance
  • Strategic thinking and business acumen
  • Developing and working with high-performance teams
  • 10X growth mindset
  • Leading change
  • Learning and developing self and others
  • Agile and flexible leadership
  • Entreprenurial and ownership mindset

We systematically follow the 10X leadership development plan, by adopting multiple methods:

  • One-to-one and Team Coaching Sessions
  • Creating E-Learning and Self-Learning Programs
  • Developing Internal Coaches/Trainers on Leadership
  • Establishing Leadership Appraisal System, whereby every manager is measured not only on Numbers but also his leadership

10X Sales is not only responsibiliy of Sales Team. Every person in the enterprise irrespective of which function, he/she belongs to has to think himself as being responsible for Sales and Customers. This alignment can transform the way people look at their work. The alignment is achieved by:

  • Having a single common 10X charter endorsed by every one
  • Coaching people mainly in support functions on how they make a difference in 10X growth
  • Revising the Job Descriptions, Expectations and even the performance paramteres of support functions to be 100% aligned to 10X Sales and Growth Agenda