In the new world order, customers are expected to hold onto their cash. So enterprises will need a much more powerful sales engine for multiplying sales funnel AND better & profitable business. We help you to work on the following sales-transformation agenda to build a high-growth and profitable sales, even in the depressed demand.

Higher Teeth to Tail Ratio

We recreate our resource allocation models so that you have higher teeth (sales) to tail (support functions) ratio in your enterprise in terms of monies and effort. In other words- More firepower and fighting-fit front-line sales, with highly lean & cost-efficient supply lines.

Online Digital Sales & Delivery Ecosystem

We drive a faster and more strategic expansion of Online-Digital Sales & delivery Ecosystem to quickly reach to consumers, with expectedly lower acquisition cost. This includes wide-range of components including Online Advertisement, Web-Site Leads, B2B Market Places, B2C Platforms, Email/SMS marketing, Value-Add Mobile Apps, integrated customer portals for inquiry, quotation to fulfillment and building online customer communities)

Customer Relationship & Value

New customer acquisition will become a big challenge due to the hyper-competitive world. Therefore, we power-up your capabilities for a much greater focus on getting business from existing customers. This includes Intense customer relationship, Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, Renewals, and References and Digital platforms for customer engagement

Boost Sales Productivity

We upgrade every front-line soldier with enhanced fighting capabilities leading to higher gross contribution per salesperson. The methods applied include more intense training, daily work discipline, sales office on a smartphone, better trip planning, and work-organizer.

Multi-Channel Approach

We broaden the diversity of your sales channels to reach customers in all possible ways. We optimize channel-mix over the choices of Direct Sales, 3rd party distributors, Direct to Retailers, Referrers, Digital, Strategic Alliances, and Key Accounts. For each channel, we fine-tune & design operational models to gain maximum channel productivity.

Internal Sales Automation

We ensure faster internal sales automation for higher productivity and conversions (Virtual tours, Leads Management, Quotations, Sales-Force Monitoring, Training Systems, reporting & analytics, commission calculators, channel management systems, Auto-Diallers, Customer Portals...) or/and making existing automation more effective.

Lean & Battle-Ready Sales Organization

We transform your sales organization into a leaner & battle-ready machine with a greater focus on Front-line. This includes More frontline to management ratio in sales, lesser management layers, a greater span of control per sales manager, sales leaders on-field with front-line, and churning low-performing sales staff.

Collective & Cross-Functional Sales OWnership

We redefine the governance so that every manager is focused on greater and more profitable sales. This achieved by linking middle & senior management's Goals, performance appraisal & compensation to Sales-Results.