Businesses need to reach out to as many paying customers, as fast as possible. This is not possible on your own or through one channel. Today, as the shelf-life of products and USPs is getting short, you need to leverage your competitive advantage as quickly as possible. Multiple & diverse channel networks play a critical role in making it happen. MiH works with you to upgrade your channel networks, which can significantly scale-up your business-growth in a short time-frame.

We help you organize a dedicated sales partners development team, which has a single-point aim to expand & diversify channels. It takes up project-based ‘recruit, activates and hand-over’ approach. It also develops the necessary tools, training, and infrastructure to maximize channel partners' performance. It is staffed with best and brightest of sales & distribution staff. Recruiting a new channel and bringing it up to a certain level of success gives a great head-start to achieve consistent channel performance. This team will have 'development' DNA, compared to sales teams which typically have an 'operational' mind-set.

We help deploy a systematic channel servicing system. While salespeople are supposed to be addressing all issues from a channel partner, many of these issues do not become visible to the management or are handled informally. Using this system, you can:

  • Track the time taken to resolve an issue
  • Identify systemic issues and resolve them. Most of the complaints can be grouped into 10-15 key issues, and they can be resolved in a project mode

Especially in a low demand economy, a distributor is thankful, if you can add to his sales effort. This can be achieved in many different ways:

  • Train his staff
  • Go with his staff to their dealers- Train dealers and co-work with distributor staff
  • Recruit good quality staff for distributor
  • Organize dealer meets and get orders for the distributor
  • Help distributor appoint more retailers

We work on aggressive channel network expansion targets. we help you identify dead & white spaces, establish a scalable capability to identify potential partner leads, selling partnership proposition, evaluating, negotiating, contracting, set-up and activation. We make network expansion as a process. Channel recruitment goes beyond appointment and delivers a fully productive & active sales partner. This is made possible with a focused support system, intense engagement and marketing support to the new partner.

Getting the maximum performance from your existing channels and recruiting new partners in the network will bring in immediate benefits. This success can be multiplies by venturing into new types of channels. We work with you to evolve a multi-channel strategy. We review the potential and viability among the following channels, and co-create the channel diversification blueprint.

  • Traditional Dealer-Distributor Channels
  • Digital Sales Channels
  • Sales Agents for Institutional Clients
  • Referrers for Institutional Clients
  • Strategic Alliances with or without co-branding
  • Value-Added Resellers
  • Direct Marketing
  • Catalogue Sales
  • Traditional-Direct Sales
  • Network/Multi-level Marketing