It takes a long-time to build a 10X sales organization & talent, culture and mind-set. We help you accelerate the process. Just like any other function, 10X Sales is all about people. The objective is to develop lean, agile and competent salesforce, which can drive your success both in short-term and long-term. MiH works with you on the following area to build a world-class team.

Sales & Support Organization is not only a set of interconnected Boxes. We help you in developing a lean and mean organization, with:

  • Clear Chain of Command
  • Wider Span of control with smaller and lower manager layers, so that there is lesser management, Lesser Expense and greater sales
  • Support Organization tightly linked with Sales so that they work as one organizm
  • Clarity in Job Descriptions and Expectations
  • Consolidation of Roles, so that there are minimum hand-offs and confusion

We transform the way you identify and hire the right talent, within the boundaries of your budgets and salary structure, We work on the following:

  • Upgrading the Job Description, which clearly defines on what kind of Candidate you are looking for
  • Revising Interview and assessment process to include psychometrics, simulations, competency-based interviews so that while it could take more effort, but you let high quality/potential players enter your gamefor
  • You will never get the 'perfect candidates'. Our assessment process will help you find people with high potential/hidden gems, who will be great performers, but hired at affordable salariesfor
  • Ensuring that hiring process is professional, time-bound and has a human touchfor

On-boarding is an often ignored aspect of hiring, given ever-urgent need to get people hit the ground and add to the numbers. We develop creative ways to ensure good on-boarding, while a person start fighting at the fron as soon as possible. This is made possible through maximum digitization of on-boarding process and intermittent face to face interactions.

Onboarding includes orientation on company, products, competition, processes and expectations. Also senior leaders are expected to meet new employees. Once an employee is joining his unit, deeper specialization on his role, is achieved through self-learning and mandatory co-working with supervisor/peers.

Employees are human being and they work best and hardest, when they have a sense of belonging and comfort with the organization. We help you reorient the culture and leadership behavior where employees are treated with respect, their genuine issues are addressed and create a sense of community.

We help you identify critical resources, who will drive the future of your enterprise. We develop docused career and development paths for those select employees, so that they can have a long-term perspective with the organization. We develop succession plans and prepare high potential employees for wider and higher responsibilities.