Sales Planning, Budgeting and performance management needs to be done on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. While the sales model, strategy and business plan is for 1-3 year horizon, the business has to meet its numbers on ongoing basis.

MiH helps you to establish a smart, and robust system of highly accurate planning and no-compromize performance. Here are the key features:

We help identify and implement tools which can help you capture the following set of information:

  • Leads Funnel Status (from Initial contact to post-Sales Closure)
  • Sales Activities Monitoring
  • Competition Schemes, Pricing and Products
  • Customer Relationship-Contact Activities
  • Fulfillment Status and Stock Status at Delivery Points
  • Product-Delivery Performance
  • Customer Service Status
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
  • Channel Performance (primary, Secondary and tertiary)

We create a framework, which helps you to collate, analyze and interpret the raw intelligence into achievable plan. Smart MiH business plan will have all the following dimensions:

  • Functional Targets like Sales, Production, and Operations
  • Financial Targets like Expenses, Profitability, Key Financial Ratios like Expense to Sales ratio.
  • Sales Process and Technology Capability Building- For example, I not only work on my sales numbers for this month but also work on implementing a customer relationship management solution as well as improve my sales to delivery process.
  • People and Team Development. This is a must to have a part in the goal-sheet of every manager
  • Key strategic activities for creating experimenting new products, doing market research for new customers segments, etc.

We work with the entire enterprise to ensure that every employee, function and process is aligned to the sales and profitability targets. This includes horizontal alignment (with support functions and finance), as well as vertical alignment with all levels (from senior leadership to ground level troops)

We help you establish Scorecards will help you Slice and Dice Data in hundreds of different way super-quickly. Some of the examples are:

  • Lead Funnel Status and Ageing
  • Sales Profitability Analysis
  • Sales Direct Expense Analysis
  • Sales Employee Effort and Activity Reporting
  • Customer Relationship Activity
  • Sales Order Processing Analysis
  • Sales Forecast Management
  • Sales Channel Performance Analysis
  • Sales Credit and Collections Analysis
  • Repeat Sales and Renewal Analysis

We work on your performance management process to make it more intense and dynamic. This includes reducing performance period from Annual to quarterly (say), more frequent reviews, more leading indicators, more weight to profits & cash, and common enterprise goals at senior & middle management levels. The whole process is made less onerous, objective, and quick.